And here we go again….

Anti-gun crusader and professional hysteric Sen. Dianne Feinstein has renewed her vigorous call for increased anti-gun rights measures as Americans witness another tragedy perpetrated by, seemingly, a deranged individual.

On Monday, after a gunman opened fire at a Naval building in Washington, D.C., leaving 13 dead and many more wounded, Feinstein gruesomely pounced on the opportunity to once again demand what Americans have repeatedly rejected. Continue reading

The National Rifle Association has joined with the ACLU in a lawsuit against the NSA over their domestic spying programs that routinely monitor the phone calls and electronic communications of millions of Americans.

The NRA, the formidable gun-rights organizations, has joined the suit and alleged that the NSA’s activities has created a national gun registry. Continue reading

On Thursday, Americans everywhere awoke to find that the President had unilaterally decided that he is vested with the authority to curtail Second Amendment rights.

Without having discussed the issue with Congress and certainly without their approval, President Obama issued two new executive orders curbing Second Amendment liberties.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the imperial presidency. Continue reading

The anti-gunners never quit. They take short breathers, they lay low, but they never quit. It is a harsh truth that we who value freedom must remain ever vigilant and not allow an inch to be ceded to those who seek disarmament.

The most recent (and laughable) attempt at creating a “conversation” about our natural, God-given right to self-defense comes from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

Looking to reignite the momentum from the Trayvon Martin shooting, the CSBV has released a high-production value PSA to paint George Zimmerman as a multi-murderer and to stir support for their effort to repeal “stand your ground” laws in 26 states.

The PSA begins with Zimmerman’s phone call and a dramatic reenactment with the neighborhood watch participant scrambling through the rain to hunt down Trayvon Martin.

It even shows Zimmerman reaching for his gun long before the altercation.

The video then jumps to the neighbor’s 911 call, describing the events outside. Martin ends up dead on the ground, but the video spans back showing multiple people shot and killed with various states labeling them.

The screen then reads, “Our laws should protect victims. Not create more. Stand up to ‘stand your ground’ laws in 26 states.”

I agree; our laws should protect victims. But they don’t. Legal doctrine is not enough to stop a speeding bullet, a whirring blade or a whizzing baseball bat. It is in those instances that it is every man for himself.

Thankfully, many states recognize that those who pull a weapon in self-defense should not be punished for merely defending themselves.

It is this kind of ridiculous propaganda that utterly ignores the realities of this world. Stand your ground laws do not protect those who seek out someone to shoot. They protect those who merely exercised their right to self-preservation.

As many readers will note, I am a huge fan of 3D printed guns. More specifically, I am awe-struck by the potential they provide to freedom lovers.

While the left and various other lovers of totalitarianism soil themselves at the thought that someone, somewhere could remove government involvement from the process by which people obtain firearms, those who love freedom have tinkered and pushed the boundaries of what a 3D printer can do.

To console themselves, statists have muttered that 3D guns, though a unique idea, are hardly practical. Flimsy, plastic pieces rendered from a machine, surely, cannot stand up to the continual hardship of firing multiple rounds.

Recently, a Canadian man obtained plans for a rifle from Cody Wilson, the maker of the original 3D pistol, the Liberator, and fired 14 rounds. Continue reading

It is a fool who believes that the current level of freedom Americans enjoy is because government is inherently good and maintains its boundaries on its own. No, instead, the reason freedom continues to exist in America is by the grace of patriots- those who are willing to stand as protectors of liberties that make this country great.

First Amendment protectors protect our ability to speak, even when such speech is unpopular. Fourth Amendment protectors protect our right to privacy, even when we have nothing to hide. And those of us who crusade to protect the Second Amendment rights do so, well, to protect all the others.

We constantly hear that our beliefs are paranoid, that government is not out to disarm us. But then, we hear stories like those that emerge from the state of Illinois, where citizens are having their arms confiscated in door-to-door confiscations.

You read that correctly- the government that claims to uphold Second Amendment rights is not above going door-to-door collecting firearms from citizens that they have declared shouldn’t have them. Continue reading

“Stand your ground” laws are not laws designed to promote gunfights in the street a la O.K. Corral-style. Stand your ground laws are merely legal doctrines that assert what mankind has known since we dwelled in caves: as human beings, we have a right to defend ourselves with force, if necessary, and we maintain the right to decide how best to do that.

Currently, over 30 states have some variation of stand your ground laws on the books. These laws guarantee that a person has the right to use deadly force, if necessary, without first attempting to retreat, run, cower or any other means of surrender or evasion.

In short: Stand your ground laws are an affirmation of our natural, God-given rights as human beings. Since the Zimmerman verdict, however, these laws have come under attack from race-hustlers and anti-gun reactionaries.

Florida Governor Rick Scott has received demands from protesters to repeal the stand your ground law in his state after George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin during a physical altercation. Gov. Scott, however, has not budged and has even refused to cut his travel arrangements short to meet with protesters, instead writing a letter.

Since Tuesday, a group of Florida’s Dream Defenders have made the state capitol their home. They’ve called for Scott to repeal the state’s Stand Your Ground Law in light of concerns over the George Zimmerman verdict, to no avail.

On Wednesday, the NAACP entered the fray, with WCTV-TV reporting that Scott received a letter from the group asking him to return to Tallahassee.

“I’ve gotten calls from mothers and fathers worried about school,” wrote Tallahassee NAACP President Dale Landry. “That’s why the governor has to come back. We have to take another look at this.”

Gov. Scott wrote to the group,

“After holding seven public meetings and considering 16,603 pieces of correspondence and 160 public comments at Task Force meetings, the Task Force concurred with the Stand Your Ground law and I agree. It is also important to note that Florida’s Stand Your Ground law was not argued in the Zimmerman case.”

Gerald  Marion, the chief of the Englewood, New Jersey, fire department has also launched a campaign asking citizens nationwide to boycott Florida businesses and the businesses of other states that have stand your ground laws.

Across the country, grumblings over a perceived racial injustice has spurred an attack on gun laws that merely affirm a person’s right to self-defense.

Though it is nice to see that over 30 states have stand your ground laws on the books, the fact is that the individual right to self-preservation is an animal, instinctual right that supersedes legal statutes. After high school, a friend of mine and I hopped into a van and toured the country, seeing what different states had to offer. We kept with us our trusty Glocks and toured states that, I am confident, would have frowned upon such possession (to say the least).

Why did we do it? Because as a former cop once advised me: it’s better to be judged by twelve (jurors) than carried by six (rounds). Our right to self-defense is a right not merely as Americans, but as humans. Stand your ground must be protected.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Illinois Senate joined the Illinois House in voting to override Governor Pat Quinn’s amendatory veto on the Illinois concealed carry legislation.

What can only be seen as belated good news and a modest step forward came after both the House and Senate gained the needed three-fifths majority to set aside the veto and go forward with the bill approved more than a month ago.

And while Illinois joining the other 49 free states that have concealed carry laws might seem like an occasion to pop the champagne corks, the fact is that the approved bill allows for concealed carry… as long as Illinois citizens are willing to be good boys and girls and do exactly as the government tells them.

Such restriction, I submit, is the very antithesis of a right that is guaranteed to be free from infringements. Continue reading

Chicago is a wasteland of violence. The Windy City that once saw Dean O’Banion and Al Capone shoot it out over turf is now a crime-riddled city infested with gun violence despite the half-century of anti-gun efforts and some of the strictest anti-gun laws in the country today.

In a gruesome display of what Chicago has become, the Fourth of July weekend saw 67 people shot and 11 killed.

67 people shot. 11 killed. Last month, Chicago saw 46 people shot and eight people killed over Father’s Day weekend. We are only halfway through 2013 and already Chicago has seen 686 shooting incidents and 150 murders.

Still, what are we are hearing from Chicago’s government? You guessed it- that we need more gun laws and stricter penalties for possession.

Because gun control has worked well for Chicago so far… Continue reading

The Resistance Movement is not merely a movement devoted to the preservation of the rights outlined in the Second Amendment; the Resistance Movement is dedicated to preserving all of our constitutional rights. As such, we believe that the attempts to disarm the public are meant to remove the power of resistance of tyranny from the hands of individuals. While all rights are important, the Second Amendment needs to be protected at all costs as it is truly the right that protects all the others.

That having been said, it’s important to note that our other constitutional liberties are being targeted across the country. While it has, sadly, become common to see another assault being waged on our First or Fourth Amendment rights, it’s rare that we see an assault on our Third Amendment rights.

For those who have forgotten or skipped 10th grade government, the Third Amendment prohibits the quartering of soldiers in the homes of citizens. As this has seldom been an issue, it gets little attention.

In Henderson, Nevada, a suburb of Las Vegas, a family is suing the police department after they were harassed, brutalized and arrested when they refused to allow the police department to set up in their home to monitor their neighbors and the possible domestic abuse that had been alleged.  Continue reading